Aros Historical Fencing Guild (AHFG)

Aros Historical Fencing Guild is a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) club located in Aarhus, Denmark, and was founded in 2002. The club mainly practices early German Longsword fencing per the Johannes Liechtenauer tradition, and other weapons covered by that Master.

We welcome new students every September. The exact date will be posted on our Facebook page.
Follow our page for updates, and feel free to contact us to learn more.

We are members of the Danish Fencing Federation, which sorts under the Danish Sporting Union (DIF).

Our mission statement is: To spread the knowledge and practice of HEMA in a modern sporting context and to be inclusive of all peoples.

On this website you will find information about what we do and contact details in case you want to come and practice with us.

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